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Wall Ties 22-ga. Hot Dipped

Wall ties, sometimes referred to as anchors, fasten the brick veneer to the backing. Each wall tie should support no more than 2.67 square feet of brickwork. In addition, ties should be spaced no more than 24 inches o.c. horizontally and vertically. Since most studs are spaced at 16 inches o.c., the maximum vertical distance for tie placement is 24 inches o.c.. On one end, a tie must be embedded within a brick veneer's mortar joint so that it does not pull out. At the other end, it should be nailed to a stud and not just sheathing. Code requires an 8d nail, as it has better holding power than a roofing nail. Finally, the nail should be placed close to the bend in the corrugated tie to help in resisting loads.

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