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Brick products add a touch of quality and traditional elegance to any projects. Whether building a simple fireplace or an entire firehouse, turn to Theut for all your supply needs.

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Bowerston Shale Brick
Bowerston Shale Brick Albany Rose
Bowerston Shale Brick Autumn Blend
Bowerston Shale Brick Burgundy Blend
Bowerston Shale Brick Canyon R/t Fr
Bowerston Shale Brick Frisco Blend
Bowerston Shale Brick Olde English
Bowerston Shale Brick Red Wire Cut Fr
Brickcraft Brick
Brickcraft Brick Campfire
Brickcraft Brick Harvest Blend
Brickcraft Brick Monticello
Brickcraft Brick Sandalwood
Brickcraft Brick Sedona Rose
Brickcraft Brick Town Hall Red
Brickcraft Brick Wabash
Glen Gery Brick
Glen Gery Brick Aberdeen
Glen Gery Brick Crimson Pointe
Glen Gery Brick Nob Hill
Glen Gery Brick Rosewood
Glen Gery Brick Sandcastle
Glen Gery Brick Sebring
Glen Gery Brick Silverbrook
Glen Gery Brick Stratford

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